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Please complete and submit this form in order to secure your housing for your upcoming term(s) of study in Oxford. Note that submitting this form will be taken as your agreeing to and accepting the Housing Terms and Conditions, as outlined in this form, in any attachments, and on the OSAP website (www.osapabroad.com).


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Each student is guaranteed a twin room within a 15-min walk of the central area (see definition on our website) without surcharge if they choose. These rooms are about a 15-minute walk further from the central area of Oxford than our very central surcharge property. If you opt for a surcharge room, it must be paid for in full before your transcripts will be released.

For more information on OSAP housing, please visit https://www.osapabroad.com/housing/.

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Please note that this field is for requests only, which are not guaranteed.
If you have a friend or friends who are also studying in Oxford through OSAP, and you would like the opportunity to room with them, please indicate their full name(s) here. Please also have them indicate their desire to room with you on their housing form. Note that where we try very hard to accommodate specific roommate requests, they are not guaranteed.
Please note that this field is for requests only, which are not guaranteed.


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If yes, please choose your surcharge property:

Surcharge Housing Rates

Christ Church Annex

Full Term Surcharge: $2,400/term for a single bedroom or $1,200 term for a twin bedroom

Summer Terms Surcharge: $200/week for a single bedroom or $100/week for a twin bedroom

Note: All surcharges are invoiced directly to the student (separately from tuition and fees); any balance is due on receipt. Transcripts may be held until all outstanding balances are paid in full.


OSAP student housing will be located in or near the central area of a very old British inner city and will be different from modern housing on or near a US campus. Oxford University was founded in about A.D. 1090. The oldest building in Oxford is St Michael’s Church, built in A.D. 800.

Students will have a double room in a house or flat, which will be above average by British student standards. The housing will include at least one experienced non-American student or recent graduate, barring a last minute drop out.

We describe here our housing in a very conservative manner, pointing out many possible problems which probably won’t happen in almost all of our houses, since we don’t want students to be disappointed.

Our housing has been viewed recently by many visiting U.S. professors and study abroad advisors. All have agreed our housing is very good, very comfortable and above average by British student housing standards. It is certainly more expensive than most private housing used by British students in Oxford; it is much nearer the very center of Oxford.

OSAP housing will be located no further away than a fifteen minute walk from the central area of the University defined as St Anne’s in the North, Magdalen College in the East, Folly Bridge (just below Christ Church) in the South and the Railway Station in the West.

The house will probably be old, built between 1890 and 1930. Some houses are new – a decade old. We have one remodelled house built in the 16th century. It will have a bathroom, a full kitchen with the usual equipment and utensils; refrigerators in Britain are much smaller than they are in the US. Some houses may have a washer (some are coin operated) but some do not (public washer-dryers are available, with a small charge, nearby). The colleges we work with have laundries, although they will only be open during term time. Oxford is a damp city and some mold may be in the bathroom or basement. The mold can be removed, but often it grows back.

Students will have lived in this house for many years so the furniture and carpets (or linoleum) will be a bit frayed and worn.

We have an Annex to Christ Church college (37 St Giles in the center) built in the 18th century. It is a beautiful Georgian house with room for 10 students. It was remodelled on the inside in 2009. It was selected as one of six finalists in a Times contest to find the best new student residence in the U.K.

The heating (or other utilities, fire alarms, etc) may break down sometimes but OSAP, working with the landlord, will repair it as soon as possible. In Oxford, pipes leak frequently and will be repaired as soon as possible. Hot water may sometimes go off for a few days. All OSAP houses are near other OSAP houses and in an emergency, students will allow their neighbours reasonable use of their bathroom, washing machine etc for a few days.

Rodents are sometimes a problem in student houses. Bedbugs, slugs or other insects will appear in a house once in a while. They are a plague in university houses all over Britain—some think they travel on incoming flights. We will do our best to remove them. We may have to move students to another house for a few days. As with other acts of nature (e.g. floods, fires, etc.) we cannot be responsible for such events. The same is true of rodents, as with all cities these can be a problem. If you experience problems, please contact OSAP at housing@osapabroad.org.


I have read, understand, and agree to the above "Important Housing Information", as well as the information detailed at https://www.osapabroad.com/housing/housing-standards/:

Date Signed:*


I have read and understood this housing information. I have also read and understood the OSAP Student Handbook and https://www.osapabroad.com, especially the sections dealing with housing and living in Oxford. This form is current and supersedes any earlier literature.

I understand that, for the duration of my enrolment int he OSAP programme, I must live in housing arranged by OSAP; that is, students are not permitted to arrange their own housing in the form of private lets, rentals, or other accommodation arrangements.

I also understand that I am responsible for all debts that might be incurred while I am a OSAP student (including debt to an Oxford college or library). In the unlikely event that some form of legal action may be required to collect a debt, I will be responsible for all necessary costs including legal and collection agency fees, interest at 2% a month, staff time and other expenses. I understand my transcripts will be withheld until all debts are paid.

In the unlikely event of a dispute over any charges, the decision of the President of OSAP will be final.


I have read, understand, and agree to the above "Student Agreement", as well as the housing information, terms and conditions detailed at https://www.osapabroad.com/housing and the related pages at https://www.osapabroad.com:

Date Signed:*
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